The Buffalo Riot

Pay It Forward

The Buffalo Riot are one of Liverpool's best bands in a long time, and are well known for their socially aware stance, but with the upcoming release of their second album, they have kicked things up a gear.
Pay It Forward is an attempt to fund access to their music and/or gigs to musicians and others with low incomes - fans pre-ordering the new album can pay a bit more, which the band will use to distribute CDs or tickets to those who couldn't otherwise afford them - in the past we've seen tech firms running "buy one, give one" programs, offering products to schools, generally in the developing world, but this is the first time I've heard of a band doing it.
CDs and gig tickets may seem like a strange thing to concentrate on when there are so many people struggling to pay for food or housing, but sometimes a little luxury like this can make life worth living.
For a little taster of what they are like, here is the video for Something To Believe In, one of the songs from their first album, Pale Blue Oceans.
For more up-to-date sounds, here is the video for These Are The days from the new album.

The Buffalo Riot at Big Cartel
The Bufflo Riot on Facebook